Things To Consider When Painting Interiors

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  • Light colors make a room seem larger
    • While dark colors are better for accenting recessed areas and highlighting details
    • Use items in a room to give hints when choosing color.
    • Pick a piece of furniture, art or a pillow for inspiration. Select the dominant color and see what other colors work well with it
    • Connecting rooms should share color elements. For example, use the same color on moulding¬† in adjoining rooms to unify an open space
    • Use light and dark colors to create interest. Attractive architectural features, such as , moulding and columns, can be emphasized by painting them a darker or lighter color
    • Consider the type of flooring in your home. The color of the carpet or hardwood flooring plays an important role in the feel of a room and can affect how a color appears room painter near me

    How light affects color

    • The quality of natural light changes the appearance of colors throughout the day
    • Direct sunlight provides a constant light source and maintains color consistency
    • Sunlight varies from morning to noon to dusk. Colors appear more golden in the morning and as the sun sets
    • North facing rooms get less direct sunlight, and the light tends to be cool (blue/green).
    • South facing rooms receive more direct sunlight, and the light tends to be warmer (yellow/orange). So, balance color by using warm colors in north facing rooms and cool colors in south facing rooms
    • Artificial light can change colors depending on the type of bulb
    • Incandescent, or standard light bulbs, are more yellow than natural light  and can give a warm , golden glow to colors
    • Fluorescent, or sealed tube lights, come in several color variations.
    • Warm fluorescent bulbs bring out reds and other warm colors. Cool fluorescent bulbs highlight blues and other cool colors.
    • Color corrected fluorescent bulbs provide a more accurate appearance of a color
    • Halogen bulbs give a crisp, white light that affects colors less than other bulbs room painter near me

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